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In the National Money Museum there are Coins from allover the world, from ancient times, are gathered in a 20 thousand piece collection. Some of the coins can be easily mistaken with clothing buttons.

The CFM Museum, inaugurated on June 11, 2015, is headquartered at the Central Station of the Railways in Maputo. It is a technological, scientific and cultural institution serving the community………

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is a Roman Catholic cathedral in downtown Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. The cathedral is located on Praça da Independência next to Hotel Rovuma and Maputo City Hall. The cathedral was designed by the Portuguese civil engineer Marcial Simões de Freitas e Costa, then a railway director. He designed the church pro bono for the Archdiocese of Lourenço Marques.

Maputo Fortress is located next to the Fishing Port in 25 de Junho Square and represents one of the main historical monuments of the city. It has a quadrangular plant , erected in masonry of reddish stone. It has only one access gate that opens to a central patio, also of quadrangular plan, to which, in turn, open the various rooms that make up the building. In this courtyard stands the equestrian statue of Mouzinho de Albuquerque.

The Mesquita da Baixa is a mosque in the Rua da Mesquita in District Central the Mozambican capital Maputo . The Islamic godeshaus in Maputo’s inner city is considered the oldest and largest of its kind in Mozambique. The Mesquita, with rectangular plans, had the peculiarity of not being a copy of any known mosque. It had its own place for the ritual ablutions as it is used. He took advantage of the entrance of the temple.

The Church of St. Anthony of the Polana , or Church of the Polana is a religious building located in the city of Maputo , Mozambique of modernist architecture , built in 1962 according to the project of the Portuguese architect Nuno Cavreiro Lopes . It has inverted flower shape and was restored in 1992.

Maputo, Mozambique’s Natural History Museum is housed inside a beautiful old building with nicely kept gardens. The collection includes descriptions of animal migration, ancient pottery, and a small ethnology exhibit etc.